For Children

April 2017

New Books
Archived Lists

Chin, Jason   Grand Canyon
Churnin, Nancy   The William Hoy Story
Cyrus, Kurt   Billions of Bricks
DiTerlizzi, Angela   Some Pets
Godwin, Laura   Owl Sees Owl
Green, Dan   Rocks and Minerals
Green, John Patrick   Hippopotamister
Jeffers, Oliver   Lost and Found
Le, Minh   Let Me Finish!
Limentani, Alison   How Much Does a Ladybug Weigh?
Martin, Ann M.   Kristy's Great Idea: The Graphic Novel
Murray, Alison   Hare and Tortoise
Ness, Patrick   A Monster Calls
Olshan, Matthew   A Voyage in the Clouds
Park, Linda Sue   Yaks Yak
Pilkey, Dav   Dog Man
Santat, Dan   The Cookie Fiasco
Twohy, Mike   Oops, Pounce, Quick, Run
Verde, Susan   The Water Princess
Weatherford, Carole Boston   Freedom in Congo Square