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All Are Welcome: We Mean It

Thursday, May 4, 2017

For decades, the Library has sported a sign in a brass case just east of its doors. Though beautiful and historic, that sign's sentiments are more than a little out of date. We were therefore delighted this week to put up a new sign, created by our in-house Communications Designer Doreen Pastore in collaboration with other staff. Head Librarian Carolyn Waters and staffers Harry Abarca, Mia D'Avanza, Cathy McGowan, and I (Sara Holliday) joined Doreen in hanging and admiring the sign. Mia and I grabbed snapshots.

Old Sign Comes Down

Carolyn Waters and Cathy McGowan open the case and carefully take down the vintage sign.

New Sign Unpacked

Doreen Pastore unpacks the colorful new sign.

New Sign Goes Into Case

Carolyn and Doreen gently press the new sign into place.

Locking the case

Carolyn locks the brass case with a charming vintage key.

New sign and Doreen

Doreen with her creation.

The new sign reads

The New York Society Library
founded 1754
Take a tour | Inquire about membership
Peluso Family Exhibition Gallery open to the public

The vintage sign, a unique piece of history hand-painted on wood, will be framed and displayed inside the building.

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