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Beloved Books and the People Who Love Them

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Delight in the books that delight your fellow readers at our short-term exhibition What Stacks Up: Favorite Books. It's on view in the Peluso Family Exhibition Gallery from today through October 7. You can also see all the recommended titles and covers on City Readers.

A few of the thoughts and recommendations included:

Don Marquis | The Lives and Times of Archy & Mehitabel
My father introduced me to this book many years ago—the concept of a book written in free verse on a typewriter by a literary male cockroach about himself and his friend, a savvy female alley cat, was too good to resist. And I return to the book again and again for humor and wisdom, as well as some history of the early 20th century and the challenge of reading Archy’s free verse!
- Elizabeth Dobell, member

Violette Leduc | Mad in Pursuit
Translated from the French by Derek Coltman
French novelist Violette Leduc authored two massive memoirs, La Bâtarde and La Folie en Tête or Mad in Pursuit. While La Bâtarde is the more well-known, Mad in Pursuit is my favorite. It’s the frenzied account of Leduc’s time working alongside writers such as Simone de Beauvoir, Camus, and Genet in postwar France, while constantly battling stifling self-doubt.
- Katie Fricas, staff

Kingsley Amis | Lucky Jim
Not the greatest novel I’ve read but the one closest to my heart, this sublime academic comedy not only kept me sane during graduate school but has remained, in a half-century of re-readings, as fresh and hilarious as ever.
- Christopher Porterfield, member

The gallery is open to the public whenever the Library is open. The displays in the cases are the book covers only—our well-loved stacks copies of the books are available to circulate. Come adopt a new favorite book of your own!

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