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Celebrating Member Writers January-June 2021

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

We're delighted to celebrate Library members who published books in the first half of 2021!


  • Laurence Bergreen, In Search of a Kingdom: Francis Drake, Elizabeth I, and the Perilous Birth of the British Empire (HarperCollins, March)
  • Laurence Bergreen & Sara Fray, Seven Voyages: How China’s Treasure Fleet Conquered the Sea (Roaring Brook Press, January)
  • John Colapinto, This is the Voice (Simon & Schuster, January)
  • Helen Ellis, Bring Your Baggage and Don’t Pack Light: Essays (Knopf, July)
  • Caroline Gertler, Many Points of Me (Greenwillow Books, January)

  • Heywood Gould, Drafted: A Memoir of the 60s (Tolmitch Press, June)
  • Anthony Gronowicz, Last Western Empire: A History of US Foreign Policy (Koba Books, April)
  • Bruce Handy (with Hyewon Yum), The Happiness of a Dog with a Ball in Its Mouth (Enchanted Lion Books, March)
  • Paulette Kranjac, New Way to Grieve: From Grieving to Living: Getting Unstuck and Finding the Life That Fits You Now (January)
  • Laurie Lisle, Word for Word: A Writer’s Life (Artemis Editions, May)

  • Maryann Macdonald (with Rahele Jomepour Bell), Playdate (Albert Whitman & Company, April)
  • Kate McMullan (with Sujean Rim), Happy Springtime! (Neal Porter Books, March)
  • Jerry McTigue, Business Blather: Stop Using Words that Sound Good but Say Nothing! (Pick Me Up Books, February)
  • Janice P. Nimura, The Doctors Blackwell: How Two Pioneering Sisters Brought Medicine to Women and Women to Medicine (W.W. Norton, January)
  • A.E. Osworth, We Are Watching Eliza Bright: A Novel (Grand Central Publishing, April)

  • Emma Otheguy (with Ana Ramírez González), A Sled for Gabo (Athenaeum, January)
  • Elizabeth Passarella, Good Apple: Tales of a Southern Evangelical in New York (Thomas Nelson, January)
  • Chris Raschka, Saint Spotting: or How to Read a Church (Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, April)
  • Jeffrey Saldinger, Unassuming Places in New York City’s Manhattan and Astoria
  • Cynthia Saltzman, Plunder: Napoleon’s Theft of Veronese’s Feast (Farrar, Straux & Giroux, May)

  • Judy Samuelson, The Six New Rules of Business: Creating Real Value in a Changing World (BK Publishers, January)
  • Michael A. Santoro (with Robert Shanklin), A China Business Primer: Ethics, Culture, and Relationships (Routledge, April)
  • Caroline Schley, The Weight of the Sky: A Novel (May)
  • Sig Van Raan (with Lilly Lam), Where Do You Go, Diego? Where Do You Go?
  • Geraldine Woods, Sentence: A Period-to-Period Guide to Building Better Readers and Writers (W.W. Norton, March)
  • Jack Zevin, Suspicious History: Questioning the Basis of Historical Evidence (Rowman & Littlefield, April)

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