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Monday, December 12, 2016

Why do YOU love the Library?

We often hear from members how much they love the Library. Author and member Lorrie Bodger has 75 reasons! Here are a few of her favorites.

For Adults:

Open Stacks (Her #1 reason): The NYSL houses most of its impressive collection of books in open stacks that you may browse to your heart’s content.

Evening Events: These amazing book-related lectures and panels are for members – and friends.

City Readers: That’s the name of the Library’s new digital reference work, in which you can “explore more than 100,000 records of books, readers, and borrowing history from the New York Society Library’s Special Collections.”

The Four Thousand: Steve McGuirl, Head of Acquisitions, oversees the addition of 4,000 books (or titles, in library-speak) to the NYSL every year.

For Children:

Calling All Kids: The “children” in Children’s Library means kids from infancy through high school. Really.

A Date with Grandpa or Grandma: Coming to the Children’s Library with your grandparents is an awesome way to spend the afternoon.

Events for Kids and Teens: The Children’s Library offers events for kids of ALL ages.

Every reason to love the Library is made possible by contributions to the Annual Fund. If you have already made your tax-deductible donation, we are very grateful. If not, please make your gift today online or by contacting the Development Office at 212.288.6900 x214. Thank you!

Joan U. Zimmett
Director of Development

P.S. Send the reasons you love the Library to jzimmett@nysoclib.org. For more of Lorrie’s reasons to love the Library, click here.

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