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A Few Spooky Boo(k)s for Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Library staff members pulled some favorite spine-tinglers in anticipation of Halloween, haunting your way this Saturday.

Neil Gaiman | The Graveyard Book  Juv F G
Good for adults or elementary-age kids 
It's The Jungle Book if Mowgli were raised by ghosts instead of animals. A contemporary classic, inheriting the charm and weirdness of James Barrie or E. Nesbit. Also recommended: Gaiman's Coraline. - Sara Holliday, Events Department

Adam Gidwitz | A Tale Dark and Grimm  Juv F G
Good for adults or middle-grade kids
Love warlocks, evil spells, violent quests, mixed into amazing storytelling of classic Grimm fairy tales? If so, you'll love this novel. With a hilarious narrator and two great main characters (Hansel and Gretel), this fantastic book is the perfect thing to spice up any cold October night. - Danielle Gregori, Children's Library

Shirley Jackson | The Haunting of Hill House  F J 
Good for adults or teens 
Perhaps Shirley Jackson's best-known book, The Haunting of Hill House is a classic ghost story that delves deeply into the psychology of its main characters in shocking ways. - Liam Delaney, Circulation Department

Richard Kaczynski | Perdurabo  92 C9535 K  
Good for adults 
Explores the life of Aleister Crowley, considered to be "the most evil man who ever lived," and the inception of his Thelema philosophy. - Liam Delaney, Circulation Department

Henry James | The Turn of the Screw  F J 
Good for adults and teens 
A Gothic horror classic and one of the most famous ghost stories ever put to paper; an eerie tale perfect for fans both of horror and of Henry James. - Liam Delaney, Circulation Department

Matthew Lewis | The Monk  F L
Good for adults 
A tale of obsession, murder, and madness, The Monk is widely considered to be the first tale of Gothic horror ever written. - Liam Delaney, Circulation Department

Adam Rex | Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich  Juv 821 R
Good for everybody 
Hilarious, subversive, and beautiful to look at, especially if you like classic movie monsters. - Sara Holliday, Events Department

Alvin Schwartz | Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark  Juv 398 S
Good for adults or elementary-age kids
My elementary school librarian would read us a few of these every Halloween - good scares indeed! - Kathleen Fox, Circulation Department

Wisconsin Death Trip  770 L
Good for adults
A reality check for anyone waxing too nostalgic for the "comforts and graces" of the Victorian era. - Mia D'Avanza, Circulation Department

For more Halloween reading, check out this list of ghost stories by former staffer Andrew Corbin.

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