Hallow We

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The perfect costume to go with the perfect book this Halloween.

Mia, Head of Circulation and Bride of Frankenstein, recommends The Cororner's Daughter by Andrew Hughes for a spooky read. 

Luna Lovegood (Head of the Children's Library Randi) has her Spectrespecs and Harry Potter book all ready for Halloween night. 

Takesha's hobnobbing with witches in Library member Roald Dahl's classic

Dickens' Miss Havisham is haunting the rare book room in the person of our page Kate.

Our Head of Events and local Vulcan is checking out what humans think of the Physics of Star Trek (by Lawrence M. Krauss).

Doreen, our Graphic Designer, has got designs on beekeeping with the help of authors Sue Hubbell and Hannah Nordhaus.

Special Collections Librarian Barbara has taken her "ghoul group" into the stacks to find Christopher Bram's Father of Frankenstein.

A witchy panda (Children's Library Committee member Laura Whitman) welcomes trick-or-treaters to the lobby!

There's an alien in the stacks! Run for Dewey Decimal 001!

We're ready for all kinds of weather, on this planet or others...

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