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It's Snow Joke: We Love Comics!

Thursday, February 15, 2024

On February 13th after a snowy start to the day, artists, their families, and curious others braved the slightly slushy streets and made it up to the Members' Room for a celebration honoring the participants in the 2nd Annual Young Cartoonists Awards competition. Following on the two-decade popularity of the Young Writers Awards, last year the Children's Library launched this new drawing-focused contest and we are thrilled to make it an annual one going forward. This year, the comics were judged by a panel of professional cartoonists: Katie Fricas, George O’Connor, Isabel Roxas, and Mika Song.

Visitors browsed a small gallery of works where they could leave comments about the winning entries.


Books written and illustrated by judges were displayed along with other popular graphic novels.

Refreshments were enjoyed by all, especially the cupcakes with their whizz-bang-pow toppers.


As the partygoers trickled in, people amused themselves with a do-it-yourself photobooth.

Judges Isabel Roxas and Mika Song shared a few words about their lives as cartoonists providing inspiration and advice to budding artists and further words were shared on behalf of judges Katie Fricas and George O'Connor who couldn't attend. Children's Library Head Randi Levy closed the celebration with another round of congratulations and thanks.


Our thanks to the children who participated as well as the judges and staff who helped us with this annual event, the friends, family, and curious comics fans who came out to support the artists. We look forward to seeing you next year, come nor'easter or not. Oh, and in the meantime, if you want to sharpen your pencils, we have a Young Writers' Workshop: Graphic Novels with Mika Song coming up on February 29th!

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