The Library's Student Staffers

Monday, January 29, 2018

For several staff members the New York Society Library serves as an introduction into librarianship. A few of us are students, attending school and studying on our days not spent working at the Library. For some the current library world in which we find ourselves is the path we hope to follow; for others the Library acts as a singular learning experience on an entirely different route. This series of testimonies from some of the Library’s resident student employees provides insight into our interests and plans in regards to librarianship, our studies, and the differing paths we wish to follow. Sidebar image: Queens College Library

Alex Bolesta, Circulation Assistant
Queens College, Master's Degree in Library and Information Science and Master's of Arts in History

Alex Bolesta plans on eventually working with books and other cultural artifacts in a historic library or museum setting. Alex has found much relevant experience in his position at the New York Society Library. “I get to participate in reference interactions, which taps into my research skills picked up in [my studies in] history. I also work with database software, which is related to archiving in a sense.”

Morgan Boyle, Assistant Children’s & Young Adult Librarian
Queens College, Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science

In my studies I am focusing on children’s and young adult services. My position within the New York Society Library features the pure fundamentals of librarianship. I have learned collection development, how to work with our younger members on reader’s advisory, and the planning and running of programs. I plan to continue my work with children in libraries, I adore the membership library setup, and I love New York, but I am open to follow whatever direction my work leads me.

Brian Engel, Circulation Page
Pratt Institute, Master's Degree in Library and Information Science

Brian Engel graduated from Pratt Institute just this past December. “When it appeared that a career in libraries was the best course of action for me, I decided to take a [library studies] course, non-matriculated, to see if graduate school was right for me.  In between taking that course and officially enrolling in the program, I was hired by the New York Society Library.” Brian tailored his courses in order to develop his skill set as a librarian.

Ashley-Luisa Santangelo, Bibliographic Assistant & Circulation Page
Hunter College, Bachelor’s Degrees in Latin American Art History and Spanish Translation

Working within the Library has taught Ashley-Luisa first to navigate a library with ease, which aids in the research of large projects. During book prep, the act of preparing the books for circulation, she will briefly glance at relevant dust jackets in order to discover new Latin American illustrators or to explore books published in Spanish outside the academic scope focused on in her classes. “In short, the Library becomes a playground in which I can explore, learn, and envision further possibilities for myself. That’s a pretty groovy feeling.”