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A Mess of Merriment for Shakespeare's Birthday

Monday, April 20, 2020

This week (April 23, more or less) marks William Shakespeare's 456th birthday.

Welcome to the witty, wacky world of Good Tickle Brain, created by the world’s only full-time professional Shakespeare cartoonist,* Mya Gosling. I was fortunate enough to attend college – and do a lot of Gilbert & Sullivan - with Mya. Her erudite and hilarious work with Shakespeare and stick figures has been a continuous treat since 2013. In celebration of this week's Bardic birthday, I’m honored to share a little taste with you. Much more of all of this – plus educational materials, drawing tutorials, merch, and Mya’s other comics – is available at

*as far as I know

There are explorations of iconography –


Summaries that somehow capture a lot of drama in just three panels


Collisions of Shakespeare with the contemporary world – what would Petruchio post on Instagram?


And what would Caesar text?


Meanwhile, in fair Verona


The multitalented creator also showers us with exquisite song parodies. (If you don’t know the original, listen to it here.) 


For a great deal more of this sort of thing – and lots of inspiration to watch, read, or perform some Shakespeare in this month of his birthday – see

Oh, let’s have one more. I just can’t get over the fretful porpentine.




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