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Poetry Arrives in Search of You

Monday, April 20, 2020

Charming, satirical, touching, inspiring: friends share the poem they have in their pocket today.

Randi Levy starts us off with "April Rain Song" by Langston Hughes - which turned out to be extremely appropriate to this morning.

Sunny Ueyama celebrates a rite of passage with Erin Waters' "To Tell the Tooth"

Sara Holliday reads "Etiquette" from the Bab Ballads by W.S. Gilbert (as in ...and Sullivan)! Warning: laughs, but bitter satire.

Nishtha Roy gives us Langston Hughes' "Dreams." She was inspired by a book called Hold Fast.

Here's our Halloween friend Panda Witch with a delightful word from A.A. Milne.

The day carries on with Marialuisa Monda reading from Walt Whitman's "Song of the Universal," which reminds her of the opening lines of Homer's Odyssey ('Sing to me of the man, Muse'...).

More classics with Laura Rocklyn reading Emily Bronte. Ms. Rocklyn adds, "I have found that, lately, with so much chaos and uncertainty in the outside world, I am returning more and more to books and to the world of imagination for restoration and inspiration, so this is a poem that has particularly spoken to me in recent weeks."

Rayat Roy shares Walt Whitman's "Miracles," which he finds uplifting in this time of pandemic.

Rounding off Poem in Your Pocket Day with published poet Dave Johnson sharing his favorite from Pablo Neruda: "And it was at that age...poetry arrived in search of ME."

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