For Children

5 Things You Can Do With A Piece of Paper and a Pen

As featured on Pete's April 30th storytime, here are five activities you can do with only a paper and a pen!

1. Make a map -- it can be of a real place, or an imaginary one! Pete's map is imaginary.






2. Make a paper airplane! Here are some good directions for a simple design.


3. Write a poem! The great things about poems is they do not have to make sense. Below is the poem Pete wrote (which does not make sense, although it is an acrostic).

B ecause

O f you,

O ranges, I

K indly ask for a

S oda -- thanks


4. Play Tic-Tac-Toe! This does require a partner.


5. Write a letter! Again, this can be to a real person or an imaginary one.

So there you go! Five things you can do with only a paper and a pen. Have an idea of something else you can do with a paper and pen? Email us and let us know!