For Children

Asher Liftin

Poem in Three Views

2010 5th-6th Grade Poetry Honorable Mention

1. Corn
Just one
Standing tall
Trying to be the tallest,
But still just one
In a field of others.

2. Note
A poor match girl sits on the sidewalk in winter,
her face is cold and dirty.
She carries in her lap her most prized possession,
a book.
The other girls holding their exquisite dolls
with dresses she could only dream of
laugh and throw sticks at her as she sits,
She falls asleep,
When she woke up there was a note on top of her book.
It says,

I'm sorry.

3. Intercom to Hell
The guilty,
"Please, Nooooo!!!!!"
The innocent,
And the snail,
For snails cannot speak.
All snails are innocent.