For Children

Benjamin Sokolow

Inside My Bed

Fifth & Sixth Grade Poetry Honorable Mention

I have something unique
hidden beneath my covers.
Inside my bed I have long-lost cities
inside the layers of my mattress.
Inside my bed I own a metropolis
that only comes alive at night
Inside my bed there are hills, gorges, and caves,
that are formed by my Spider-Man blanket.
Inside my bed I possess a palace
full of riches and gold.
Inside my bed I am an aviator
flying miles in the cabin of my pillow.
Inside my bed I have loyal guards,
with unblinking eyes that let no one get past.
Inside my bed I have extremely cunning spies
that catch the enemies from below.
Inside my bed I have one source of light
that comes from a metallic cerulean stick.
Inside my bed I am an immense giant;
lying on top of my fellow citizens.
And after the night, full of excitement,
my citizens disappear,
and all that is left
inside the bed,
is a little sleeping giant.