For Children

Billie Fabrikant


2007 3rd-4th Grade Poetry Winner

I am from the fun, exciting Dalton school; math, reading and social studies.
I am from millions of V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N-Sójust to get out of regular day life.

I am from the East River rushing every day (making its special rushing sound)
And I am from cold Tuesdays and Sundays at Hebrew School.

I am from a sweating soccer game every weekend.
I am from fun-filled years of friends.
I am from an old hot-oil factory down near the mile-long boardwalk.
I am from where the street DOES end, and where the FDR highway starts.
I am from laughter every night outside my window, I am from looking out my window.

Seeing an oddly colored building.
Seeing the trees and the yellow lines on the street of 79th.
The street is empty.
No cars come here that much.
The clouds, gray, no sunlight showing.
The bus passes. People are walking.

Cars are coming. I hear engines on the corner, stopping for a red light.
The leaves shake. I see my reflection in the window.
Only four lights are on in the other building.
I see myself, watching my window in the dark moonlight.

I am from Yorkville, my beautiful neighborhood.