For Children

Charlotte Lily Borthwick

I Am From

2013 3rd-4th Grade Poetry Honorable Mention

I am from my Great Grandmother’s red haired China doll
From two worn stuffed bunnies sitting on my bed
From gleaming white crystals to crumpled horse posters
I am from a shelf full of my mom’s old electronics
From my sister’s tangled twisted yo-yo’s
I am from my blue fish swimming and a piano full of musical notes

I am from the bowl full of yummy lollipops at Bank of America
From the very cold D’Agastino supermarket
I am from fresh chocolate croissants from around the corner
From Henry and Tucker, dogs walking down the street

I am from Grandma and Grandpa in Pennsylvania
From sweet Scottish shortbread
I am from Nana Jean and Papa Paul in Rochester
From music sheets to old black and white photos

I am from Mom’s juicy pork tenderloin
From buttery green beans
I am from CHEEZY Mac’n Cheese
From crispy Kale chips and sweet yellow corn
I am from delicious puzzle pudding
I am from “We’re Late!” to “You can do it!”
From “Homework first” to “Hurry up!”
I am from “I love you to the moon and back”

I am from Mom’s brown eyes
From Dad’s pale skin to his sense of humor
From a caring Mom and Dad
I am from a very loving and sweet family