For Children

Gabriel Merkin

Dakota: Theodore Roosevelt

2005 5th-6th Grade Poetry Winner

In Dakota,
Where the grass grows high
The sun burns blazing red
I saw a lonely white pale stump
That had no tree next to it
For 300 vast yards
I saw small stumps
All around

In Dakota,
Where the birds
Soar as high as the sun
And nest their eggs
The cattle graze
Feeding off the pastures of lush grass
I saw a lone bird
Searching for a nest
Hopping around
With a twig
In its mouth
A gimp
In its step
Looking for food
I saw a cow
Eating a stalk
As dry as the air

In Dakota,
Where the flowers bloom
The prairies
Dance with colors
I saw a barren field
Brown with the mud
Of torn-down beauty
Bleak air blowing apart blossoms

In Dakota,
Where you think
The trees would be high
The grass would be vibrant green
I saw the
End of an era
Economy has over powered
I have tried
To save the wild
The untamed beauty
My dream