For Children

Jamie Gelman

My Heart is as Big as My Fist

2011 3rd-4th Grade Poetry Winner




My heart is as big as my fist, and I'm very very proud.
And when I want to show my pride, I just yell aloud,
"Hello people with hearts normal size! My heart's so big, it could win first prize!"
Everyone looks at me and usually are annoyed,
about this crazy weird, heart talkin' boy.
But then one day, a girl came to say,
"Just stop this nonsense, NO MORE PLAY!
A dinosaur's heart was really really big,
it's three times yours and then add 6 pigs.
And a monstrous lion, even though he can be mean,
has a heart as big as a lake. NO! a heart as big as the sea!"
That tore me into pieces, from head to toe,
that a dinosaur and a lion's heart, beat faster than the river's flow!
So I made a huge list,
about how I could grow my heart BIGGER than my fist.