For Children

Jennifer Yeoh-Wang

Lady on a vase

2008 5th-6th Grade Poetry Honorable Mention

A soft
Reaching for
A small bird perched
On a knotted branch.
A soft breeze gently rustles
Her dark tresses and flowing
Robes. Entranced by nature's
Wonders. Her beauty never fades.
She remains forever a lady on a vase.

The Ch'ing Dynasty, the last imperial dynasty of China, lasted from 1644 until 1911. It was established by the Manchus who invaded China. Chinese artisans created beautiful porcelains, enamels and paintings during this time. Ch'ing porcelain is known for its bril≠liant colored glazes such as copper red, green and rose. The Ch'ing vase depicted in this poem has a slender graceful neck followed by a gently sloping body.