For Children

Jeremy Kogan

I Hear America Texting

Fifth & Sixth Grade Poetry Winner

I hear America texting, the clicking buttons I hear
Those of children, each clacking before class
The elderly, not knowing what they’re doing
The babies listening as their parents get ready for work, or talk on the phone
The blogger writing about random things, while the teachers present their work
The police waiting for a crime, the firemen waiting for a job
The doorman texting away, the delivery man in the morning, “at noon intermission or at sundown”
The delicious notes you get, from the nice one you love, or of the strict boss you hate
Each hinting at what you will do next
The day, the night, the buttons that are pressed
Exercising your fingers as I listen to the clicks and clacks

In the format of Walt Whitman
Inspired by the poem I Hear America Singing