For Children

Jonathan Silverman

Deep in the Heart of a Great Apple

2007 5th-6th Grade Prose Winner

The clickety-clack of a the subway car gingerly came to a halt in front of the overcrowded platform at the West 42nd Street station. Curiously, Johan looked out the large frosty window. His breath made vapors against the window and then disappeared. As if by an invisible force, most of the people on the train arose from their seats and headed for the doors. Being a country person, all of the underground railroads and the ongoing drama made no sense whatsoever to Johan. Without realizing what he was doing, Johan followed the swarm of people that were shoving to get to ground level. Within moments he was swallowed up in all of the commotion and was soon lost in all of the havoc. After what seemed like hours, Johan was finally prodded up the subway steps where he emerged in someplace magical with flashing billboards, rushing crowds, and gigantic plasma TV screens advertising products. He had arrived in the heart of the Great Apple, the glamorous Times Square.

For a couple of minutes Johan stood in awe, marveling at the beauty and standing in a trance at the sight that lay before him. He was awoken from his trance by the honking of the horns of zooming cars whizzing down the street, and the bustle of rushing businessmen who were heading home from work.

This is nothing like the freeway near my house, Johan thought silently to himself. He walked south with open eyes until he arrived at a large, black building with tinted windows. At first he didnít recognize the building, but then it suddenly hit him with such a force, as a torpedo hitting an unsuspecting ship. His knees buckled under him in a crippled manner. He was face-to-face and eye-to-eye with the most famous arena in the world, its blazing lights illuminating its surroundings in waves of brilliant color. He was looking at the one and only Madison Square Garden. The blinding lights were emanating fusions of rainbows in a shocking scene. He decided to carry on, for he thought if there was one amazing landmark in the Big Apple that there must be many more. He walked back along the bustling streets to Times Square, all the while looking up at the many miracles and views of this astounding area. He was entranced by all the shops with splendid items and the majestic theaters of Broadway, all twinkling with their very own sparkle and sense of life.

Johan wanted very much to see the historical monuments and museums of New York City, but was exhausted from his long train ride and all of his heavy walking. He found himself feeling very alone and desperate. All of a sudden he noticed a man stick out his hand, and like magic, a bright yellow car stopped to a halt and took him to his desired destination. Well, I might as well do the same, since I have no other options, mused Johan. Within thirty seconds, a yellow car identical to the one the man had hailed pulled up in front of Johan and braked with a loud screech, followed by a groan of the motor. Johan told the driver that he wished to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the driver sped away, running the traffic lights and swerving in and out of cars. All the while Johanís face was pressed up against the window with an eager look on his face. After they got there, Johan paid the driver and went into the towering museum full of all types of interesting works of art by Picasso, Matisse, and many other well known artists.

After, he decided to take a stroll through the city strees, before he had to meet up with his aunt and uncle at a fancy dining restaurant. He passed by the Chrysler Building and also got a stunning sight of the Empire State Building. The dazzling headlights of speeding cars blurred into one glorious blend of color. The towering pillars of the courthouse seemed to reach the heavens as if in a beckoning manner. Every person who rushed by filled Johanís heart with a warm and fuzzy feeling, for he noticed all of the many races and religions all combined into one people. Deep within his heart and soul, Johan could feel the spirit and essence of the spectacular and glorious New York City.

Deep down he knew this feeling would be with him for the rest of his life no matter what ever happened.