For Children

July 2024

New Books

Archived Lists

Becker, Aaron. The Last Zookeeper
Bertram, Jennifer Chambliss. Sisterhood of Sleuths
Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker. The Night War
Derr, Aaron. Individual Sports of the Summer Games
Grabenstein, Chris. NO Is All I Know!
Groban, Betsy. Pizza for Pia
LaRochelle, David. 100 Mighty Dragons All Named Broccoli
Magoon, Kekla. The Secret Library
McGrath, Robyn. There's Always Room for One More
Miller, Chanel. Magnolia Wu Unfolds It All
Napoli, Donna Jo. As Night Falls
Nayberg, Yevgenia. Mona Lisa in New York
Quackenbush, Robert. The Road to Robbery
Raffi. Five Little Ducks
Raschka, Chris. Tomorrow's Lily
Rosetti, Christina. Mix A Pancake
Saltzberg, Barney. A Delicious Story
Scaletta, Kurtis. Granny Rex
Schulz, Charles. Snoopy: Cannonball!
Stremer, Jessica. Great Carrier Reef
Thomas, Jan. My Friends Make Me Happy!