For Children

June 2019

New Books
Archived Lists

Agee, Jon   The Wall in the Middle of the Book
Coppo, Marianna   Petra
dePaola, Tomie   Quiet
Fogliano, Julie   A House That Once Was
Galliez, Roxane Marie   Time for Bed, Miyuki
Gillman, Melanie   As the Crow Flies
Glenn, Sharlee   Library on Wheels
Greenfield, Eloise   Par-tay!
Leathers, Philippa   The Tiptoeing Tiger
Ledyard, Stephanie   Pie is for Sharing
Lionni, Leo   A Color of His Own
Love, Jessica   Julian Is a Mermaid
McNamara, Margaret   The Dinosaur Expert
Meister, Cari   Hi-Ho Tiny
Parr, Todd   Love the World
Quackenbush, Robert   Stairway to Doom
Roske, Melissa   Kat Greene Comes Clean
Sell, Chad   The Cardboard Kingdom
Tetri, Emily   Tiger vs. Nightmare
Vere, Ed   How to be a Lion
Williams, Lily   If Sharks Disappeared
Yolen, Jane   Mapping the Bones