For Children

Kaela Glaser

Mysterious, Delicious

3rd & 4th Grade Poetry Honorable Mention

I am from my mint-colored bicycle
with plastic jade-colored flowers,
tied on with ivory lace;

from my spring green bamboo plant,
surrounded by glass stones that sparkle
like diamonds in the blinding white sun;

and the saggy grey couch like an ancient elephant,
where you can read for seamless hours,
and the sand-colored, beat-up cat scratching post;

I am from the jet black roads
with restaurants lining them
holding secrets to mysterious, delicious foods;

from the earsplitting honking of impatient cars,
the noisy sound
of dogs barking;

and Bagels and Co., with its smell of freshly baked breads and treats
and the big post office with
rusty red bricks.

I am from savory dumplings, rich Indian food,
frozen pizza from Trader Joe’s,
and cheesy yellow eggs for breakfast.

I am from busy and artistic mom,
silly and serious dad, giggly and excited Lina,
and fun and awesome Auntie Eva.

I am from my sweet, funny, loving, joyful, talented family.

From “Time to practice your violin” and
Don’t forget to feed the rabbit;”

and fun hiking at Rockefeller State Park
with crunchy leaves underfoot, and the violin recitals
in the big colorless room.

I am from wanting to go to Juilliard College
and hoping and working to become
a great violinist.