For Children

Kaelin Suh

Ode to the Person Who Created Nonsense

2012 3rd-4th Grade Poetry Winner

Without you, people couldn't describe my words with one word.

Without you, some people would have nothing to say,
and might not exist.
What would that world be like...

Without you, I would be normal and sad,
and my life would be ruined if I couldn't babble about bunnies,

Or ask somebody to sing a song about mustachioed pistachios.
Without you I would die of boredom,

With out one person saying to me,
La la la la la la la la la la la,
I would surely go crazy.

When I am a giant ball of anger, and somebody says to me,
"Whats wrong?"
I can just say "Binga binga boooo."

Nonsense is sense, yet makes no sense, but the world would make no sense,
without nonsense.

You are my best friend, and I can pull you out from anywhere,
even from under my bed.

When I am sad,
I can just sing a ... different song,
and the world will make sense again.

I carry you with me wherever I go,
like a suitcase that never gets lost at baggage check,

Nonsense is sense,
to me.