For Children

Kalman Victor

Lost in the Trance of Reading

2004 3rd-5th Grade Prose Honorable Mention

Today I'm a wizard who lives in the land of Rashe, a beautiful land with lush crops and plenty of inhabitants. I'm one of the inhabitants, by the name of Lanaur. I'm master of witchcraft who fights the Goblin Empire to defend our nation. I am a true warrior. I'm well known and feared by the goblins, and yet they still attack us ever too much.

As I was patrolling the forest, I looked around me. I saw tall red oak trees, a green gloomy swamp, scurrying rodents and reptiles, dead elm trunks aligning the forest floor, and the little discus of light that was the moon shining through the trees, but something didn't seem right. I smelled the air and the harsh smell of smoke protruding from the natural smell. "Goblins," I thought, "trying to commit arson." I followed my nose to the source of the abnormal smoke. I saw them. They were smirking at the fact of war and spreading wine around the small fire. Anger boiled up inside me and I was ready to pounce on them like a hungry tiger, but strategy came first. I thought up a simple plan of controlling the fire and scaring them off, so I could put it out. Later, I started conjuring up the correct spell, but their sharp senses could smell blood in a field of roses. They smelled me and rushed head-on, with their swords raised, towards my spot. They thrashed blindly, but with enough fury and strength to slice a man in two. I quickly ran towards the fire, hoping I could still use my spell, but they kept on chasing me, and I couldn't cast the spell on the move. I was running like a confused lab mouse in a maze. I realized I had been concentrating too much on getting away, and I had run right into a dead end. I had to fight.

I fought and fought with the hordes of goblins. I wondered what would happen next. I decided to call for my flame birds in order to scare them off. As I was casting my summoning spell, the goblins retreated because they knew about the famous spell. My plan had worked! I was happy, but I didn't crow because I knew the war wasn't over, and I had only won a small battle. I stopped the spell, and I knew I could not let them get away, so I chased them. I was led into an ambush of goblin warriors in the trees. As you can see, goblins are known for treachery and cheating. I was scared, but I didn't panic. Sadly I came to the conclusion that I might have to retreat. My goal was to do anything but retreat.

I was searching on and on for the answer. It hit me like an iron mallet. I saw a "sprites' nest." Sprites are little winged fairies that can move like lightning and are feared by all the other animals in the forest. I knew that if petite sprites get agitated they would not stop fighting until their nest was empty. I was coming up with a plan. I could cut the nest down and quickly teleport away. I cut the nest down, teleported into a tree, and watched as below me, out from the nest, slithered an old fungus snail that had been taking shelter in a fake nest it had made for safety. I was so foolish, I had been so caught up in my plan that I had forgotten that petite sprites are very rare and that many animals try to mimic their nests to ward off predators. Now in my head thoughts of escape routes and disappearing spells buzzed like bees in need of a flower. They were searching for one just right. As they bees searched and searched, they finally found the flower that was just right for their hunger. The solution was simple. Why didn't I think of it sooner? I would use the invisibility spell to cause confusion, chaos, and conflict.

I was about to cast my spell when a strong voice said, "Lights out!" I cried, "No!" I was just about to cast the spell. The voice repeated in a stronger, demanding tone, "Lights out, Kal!" I replied with a sigh, "Fine, Mom, have it your way. Let the goblins have roast wizard for breakfast."