For Children

Lucie Fleming

Littered with Lights

2012 9th-12th Grade Poetry Winner

It is dark and we are on the Brooklyn Bridge and
we are old enough, alone enough, and
we are being independent together-

Big strides carry us between ropes and beams and lights.
Look through the cracks:
We are above the world, below the world.

We are amongst feet of different paces;
faster than thinkers;
slower than racers.
Boards vibrate beneath us, the
wind and wheels make our hearts shiver-

We are two big kids alone at night
marching to Manhattan.
Hear the beams hum and rattle with the rush of
tires passing beneath.
Massive water forms a net below and if we should fall
like acrobats on a trapeze,
ribbons of river woven would catch us.

We are shrinking, shrinking until
we are just two little lives like the
little, little lights in lots of little windows,
each of which holds a life-
big tall buildings surround us; holding
people we will never meet
stacked on top of one another.
My ribs are humming with his hand hovering
over them,
reminding me that we are not babies:
bend me back against these lights,
hold me over the water and
let me look at the sky-
two shivering hearts
against bodies without names.