For Children

Mary Lindsey


2005 912-12th Grade Poetry Honorable Mention

The shiny red lacquer
Of the dancing ponies
Captivating, enthralling
From thirty feet away.

As an eight year old
All I wanted to do was run
To the biggest one
Hop on its back
And get caught up
In the magical world
of these magnificent creatures.

Pulling and tugging my mother along
Pretending to be deaf to
"Wait for your brother"
A phrase Iíd heard since before I knew
How much Iíd have to rely on him.

As we near the web of magical colors and music
My heart pace quickens.
Up and down, up and down
The glistening bridle sits delicately
On the horseís head
The leather reins inviting
My tiny little hands
To grasp them
And never let go.