For Children

Morris Kraicer


2004 3rd-5th Grade Poetry Winner

I'm in a plane,
I'm on a mountain,
I'm meeting the president,
I'm on a skyscraper,
I'm flying,
I'm Superman,
I'm in China,
I'm in England,
I'm in France,
I'm in Israel,
I'm in Iraq,
I found Osama,
I won the war,
I saved his life,
I won the lottery,
I inherited Bill Gates' money,
I ended world hunger,
I made world peace,
I stopped the fire,
I won the Nobel Prize,
I freed the slaves,
I beat Ali in boxing,
I got my first kiss,
I'm king of the world,
I met Britney Spears,
I'm in Egypt,
No, wait,
I'm reading a book.