For Children

Nancy Winslow Parker

From the time she was in kindergarten, Nancy Winslow Parker (1930-2015) knew she would be an artist.  After working for twenty years in public relations, Parker entered the world of children’s literature.  Parker immersed herself in a wide variety of topics, ranging from bugs and crocodiles to the government and currency.  Parker noted, “I like illustrating so much that I may spend an inordinate amount of time researching one item until it is perfect.  I like to write and rewrite and polish and edit until the sentence is perfect, too, as we learned in the seventh grade.”  Parker advised students who are interested in “facts rather than fiction to find a subject one is interested in and find the shelf in the library that has those books...You will find that by the time you reach the sixth book on the subject, you know more than the author.”

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