For Children

October 2017

New Books
Archived Lists

Bishop, Poppy    Bear's House of Books
Cooper, Elisha    Big Cat, Little Cat
Donaldson, Julia    The Giant Jumperee
Forde, Patricia    The List
Grimes, Nikki    One Last Word
Hall, Michael    Wonderfall
Kelly, Erin Entrada     Hello Universe
Merino, Gemma    The Sheep Who Hatched An Egg
Montes, Marisa   Los Gatos Black on Halloween
Otheguy, Emma    Marti's Song for Freedom
Plourde, Lynn   Bella's Fall Coat
Reynolds, Jason    Miles Morales
Ruby, Laura    York: Shadow Cipher
Sayre, April Pulley    Full of Fall
Snicket, Lemony    Goldfish Ghost
Stringer, Lauren     Yellow Time