For Children

Oliver Rein

Dream Catcher

2012 5th-6th Grade Prose Winner

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, lived a little boy named Timmy. Timmy was eight years old and was about to have the birthday of a lifetime. Timmy never believed in legends, but he soon would. It all started back at Timmy's house. It was a Sunday morning. The sky was blue, the birds were chirping, and little Timmy was in the house getting ready for his birthday.

"Timmy dear," said Timmy's mom, "come on down for your birthday!"

"Coming mom!" he replied and then raced down the stairs to the kitchen thinking about what presents he would get for his birthday this year. When he walked in, his Mom, Dad, and brother yelled, "Surprise, happy birthday Timmy!" Timmy was shocked. He had never seen so many presents just for him. He had some cake and opened his presents one by one, each getting better. Until the last one. It was a card. Timmy was hoping for there to be money in it. He ripped the envelope and read out loud,

"Dearest Timmy, Happy birthday! Love, Grandpa. Oh and p.s. look in the garage."

"Okay," said Timmy's mom, "let's go look in the garage." Timmy ran as fast as his little legs could carry him, and there, sitting in the middle of the garage, was the largest, biggest, coolest present ever. Timmy was an inch away from opening the box and boom!!! His grandfather jumped out and screamed "Surprise!" everyone clapped at his performance except Timmy who was on the ground still recovering from that huge fright. Timmy got up and said hello and his grandpa reached out and gave him a small box.

"Well," said Timmy's grandfather, "open it." Timmy ripped the wrapping paper and, as easy as ABC, it was off. He saw it and said,

"A dream catcher! You know I don't believe in legends."

"Yes, but this one is different," said grandpa.

"How?" Timmy asked.

"Use it and find out," he answered and as fast as a cheetah he left. Timmy had no idea what that meant but his parents said he could not throw it away because that would be rude. He decided to hang it up on his ceiling with some tape. By then it was 7:30p.m. and Timmy was getting ready to go to sleep. He brushed his teeth, went to the bathroom, and headed off to bed. When he went to bed he could hardly sleep with that dream catcher dangling over him. It scared him. He was scared it would fall on him. After about a half an hour he fell asleep. Then, when the clock struck twelve, it fell on him.

The dream catcher grew fifty times its size and swallowed Timmy whole. Timmy woke up and didn't know where he was. At first he thought he was dreaming, but he pinched himself and found out he wasn't. He looked around and saw doors. One of them said his friend John Burks' name on it so he went through it. He was walking around and saw crazy things like pizza with a mustache and a clown riding a zebra. Then he realized that he was in the dream catcher and that he could go into other people's dreams, so he must be in his friend John Burks' dream. He saw John and yelled, "Hi!" John turned around.

"What are you doing in my dream?" he yelled. "What I dream about is private! Get out now!" Timmy ran away through the door and locked the door behind him. The door suddenly disappeared. He kept on walking.

He saw his teacher's name and couldn't resist. He had always wondered what his teacher dreamt about. He tried to twist the door knob but it wouldn't budge. He saw a doorbell on the side and rang it. No answer. Timmy rang again, this time a sign came out from under the door that read: "DREAMING Do Not Disturb."

"I guess some mysteries will never be solved," he said.

As he kept on going more doors started disappearing. He looked at his watch it was 8:00a.m. On a Monday. Timmy was going to be late for school. He started running, looking to get out of there.

Meanwhile, back at Timmy's house, his mom just got out of bed and was heading to get Timmy up from bed.

Timmy saw the exit and went in but there were at least ten flights of stairs until the exit. He kept running and running.

His mom was halfway up the stairs and so was Timmy. Timmy's mom was twisting the doorknob and Timmy was about to exit and POOF! Timmy was back in bed. His mom walked in and said, "How did you sleep with your new dream catcher?"

"I slept just fine, just fine," Timmy replied. Then he smiled and went to school.