For Children

Remi Khagan

A Moment I'll Never Forget

2009 5th-6th Grade Poetry Winner

I finally got scared
When I heard my mom scream for help.
We were sent immediately
To a neighbor's house
So we wouldn't see the ambulance
It was the most devastating thing
That ever happened to me in my life.
My mom was honest and did not lie.
She came right out
And said, "Your father passed away."
I almost fainted.
My heart was beating
Like the heat of the sun.
I said nothing
But laid down
On my big brother's arm
And started to cry.

He was lucky
The doctor said
No one killed him.
He didn't suffer
It was so quick.
What happened was that his blood came together
And popped.
My dad reminded me
Of all the colors of the rainbow.
He lost his life
But had a very loving heart.
It's part of life
That scary things happen.
I am still really mad
Though I am very blessed with my family.
I will always have them
By my side
And never let them go.

If I had one wish
It would be to
Have everybody alive
For all their lives.