For Children

Samara Choudhury

When They Came

5th & Sixth Grade Poetry Honorable Mention

The day they came,
My mother told me that everything would be
What she didn't tell me was that
I would never
See her again.
That they came to take her away from
Me forever.
My father held me and told me not to cry,
But when I saw my mother come to hug me
One last time,
I ran to her,
She told me that everything was going to be okay,
And that she was going to come back to the land of
I looked at her one last time as
The men in the blue suits dragged her away,
Away from the land of

Three years ago,
The men in the blue suits came, and took
My mother away from me.
Three years ago
Was the last time I saw my mother.
Three years ago, my mother left the land of
And has not come
Back to me,
Back to