For Children

Sara Weintrob

The End

2008 5th-6th Grade Poetry Honorable Mention

The end is dark
And deep
And empty,
And as cold as ice.

You have reached the end of a road
But you have not truly reached the end
The absolute and real end.

For you never truly reach the end
Until you have walked the Universe
Until you have sailed the seas
And licked the oceans.

You have never truly grasped the ideas of life
Until you have fallen through the galaxies
Until you have explored beyond exploration
And knelt before the world.

As a new day dawns
Another day dies.
This is the same with people.
As someone is born
Another one reaches the end.

The world is steadily growing
Bigger or smaller, it does not matter.
But that does not mean we can let go of our future
And give up, though the end shall come.

The deep
And dark
And empty end
That no one can prevent.