For Children

Sarah Yeoh-Wang

Koi Pond

2011 9th-12th Grade Poetry Winner

We could sit there for ages, eons even,
Noses nearly skimming the glossed surface of water,
And sun glaring off of our glass tent.
We bit our lips in twin concentration;
Purple petals fluttered behind us,
Controlled like the fans of an elegant empress.
No noiseójust the burbling of the spigot and the cool rush of water against
A cool slate rock to which we pressed sweaty legs,
Too hot to continue walking.
We looked in an empty pond,
Empty, save the smooth taupe pebbles lining the floor,
The twisted black statue in the center,
And the gaping, gasping fish,
Hungrily kissing the sides of the stone.

I've always wanted to see a baby koi,
Not just a small goldfish.
Even an egg would do. I imagine it'd be orange,
Like the tobiko on sushi,
Maybe red, like the glistening drops of jelly from the doughnut you dropped
On our way to the museum.