For Children

September 2021

New Books

Archived Lists

Adler, David   Kick It, Mo!
Blackall, Sophie   If You Come to Earth
Burt, Jake   Cleo Porter and the Body Electric 
Calabrese, Keith   Lena's Shoes are Nervous
Cole, Henry   One Little Bag
Colleen, Marcie   Survivor Tree
Dawnay, Gabby   If I Had A Unicorn
Elam Walker, Tricia   Nana Akua Goes to School
Elliott, Zetta   A Place Inside of Me
Gertler, Caroline   Many Points of Me
Grossman, Lev   The Silver Arrow
Hale, Christy   Out the Door
Higgins, Ryan T.   We Will Rock our Classmates
Holm, Jennifer L.   Lion of Mars
Kazoo Magazine   Noisemakers
Lam, Thao   The Paper Boat
Lemniscates, Carme   Seeds
Lyons, Kelly Starling   Ty's Travels: Zip Zoom
Martinez-Neal, Juana   Zonia's Rain Forest
McKinlay, Meg   Duck!
Murray, Diana   Five Fuzzy Chicks
Nolan, Janet   Seven and A Half Tons of Steel
Rubbino, Salvatore   A Walk in Paris
Rubin, Sean   This Very Tree: A Story of 9/11, Resilience, and Regrowth
Salas, Laura Purdie   Clover Kitty Goes to Kittygarten
Schwartz, Amy   13 Stories about Harris
Sis, Peter   Nicky & Vera
Thomas, Isabel   Exploring the Elements
Underwood, Deborah   Every Little Letter
Vamos, Samantha   The Pinata that the Farm Maiden Hung
Venable, Colleen AF   The Oboe Goes Boom Boom Boom
Yolen, Jane   Miriam at the River