For Children

Tess Solomon

Cello Concerto Sir Edward William Elgar Movement 1

2011 7th-8th Grade Poetry Honorable Mention

They cut through the air like knives,
Filling you with pleasure not painó
Swells with emotion as the next expression starts
And wafts towards you on atmospheric vibrations
Depicting color, portraits, landscapes,
To be snatched away in less than a second and leaving you satisfied anyway

Scenes reach you as the next note is struck, in blues and maybe purple,
Then the trumpet rings out, red and gold shine as vivacious feeling
heartfelt, and none the wiser listening,
deep as canyons,
High as stars,

You feel yourself brimming with ache you know not what for.
Suspenseful, sharp dark maroon colored pauses
Then burst flourishes of music louder and deeper with blaring vibrant overtones

You feel when you listen,
the expressiveness fills you, even as you're sitting still, your mind is filled
with the colors depicted.
sun-golden and blue-green melodies
play their course
and you don't see anything but filled with the players' expression as sound is played,
specifically for you,
from the hands of the composer.
Fabulous as the sun takes over and gold and shines and fills and satisfies,
and quiets as you notice the peaceful grass,
to be gently replaced with a picture of the sea,
always moving beneath the sun.

Deep segments finished to be carried by a higher voice
and the deep continues only in one's heart;
and together two high voices make a tune of swelling shimmering patterns that end all too soon
reaching a peak on a high note and to be filled in on the bottom by a whole orchestra l
ong lasting evergreen fills as the last deep note is struck
...then continued by woodwinds in an uprising and revival of what could be the end,
harmonic minor notes struck, filling you with a wonder, of the beauty that
no matter how much listening, surprises you every time.