For Children

Use of the Children's Library

  • The Children's Library may be used by members only. Potential members may request a building tour at the lobby circulation desk.
  • Children under the age of nine must be supervised by an adult at all times throughout the building.
  • Eating, drinking, and phone calls are not permitted in the Library. Please silence your phone.
  • Talking and reading aloud are permitted. Use of quiet voices is encouraged.
  • Childcare providers are responsible for understanding and following all Library rules, and must be listed in your membership record.
  • Tutoring is permitted in the Children's Library. However, quiet work space cannot be guaranteed. Tutors must be listed in your membership record.
  • Members with a Family or Dual membership may bring grandchildren to the Children's Library. The member must accompany the grandchild at all times.
  • Members should not bring sick children to the Children's Library. Staff may ask parents or caregivers to remove children with signs of illness.

Books and Materials

  • Please do not reshelve books. Place them in browsed books box.
  • Please put toys away when you are finished using them.


  • The Children's Library computer may be used by children ages three and older.
  • The Library does not filter Internet access. It is the responsibility of the parent or caregiver to monitor and supervise children's computer use.


  • Events are for members only unless otherwise stated.
  • Please respect the age requirements for events.

Staff may ask parents or caregivers to remove disruptive children from the building.