For Children

Young Writers Awards 2024

Winning Entries


Grades 3-4: Corn Fly by Henrik Carlson

Grades 5-6: Swish by Ayana Ashraf

Grades 7-8: For Noel by Araceli Hagan-Flores

Grades 9-12: Scorpion by Adelaide Sendlenski


Grades 3-4: One Performance, Many Surprises! by Sasha Makarov

Grades 5-6: Sari, Speech, and Self-Discovery by Reha Agarwal

Grades 7-8: Running from the Silence by Michaela Silver

Grades 9-12: Fruit in Winter by Lyla Butler

Honorable Mentions


Grades 3-4: Untitled by Desi Schmuhl

Grades 5-6: The Streets of Florence by Baxter Oates
Grades 5-6: Awkward by Lindeng Shen

Grades 7-8: The Frowning Girl in the Mirror by Alessia Smith-Wang

Grades 9-12: At the Station by Lyla Butler


Grades 7-8: Hand Me Downs by Georgia Morse

Grades 9-12: Charlie Day by Noor Wilson