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The Library's Green Art Collection bookplate.
The Library's Green Art Collection bookplate.

Green Art Collection

In 1877, the Library received a generous bequest from the merchant and philanthropist John Cleve Green (1800-1875) to be used for the acquisition of books pertaining to the fine arts, thus establishing the Green Collection.

Four years after Green's death, Robert Lenox Kennedy created the John C. Green Alcove at the Library (then located at University Place) with a stained glass window, furniture, a carved plaque, and a portrait by Raimondo Madrazo. Much of the original alcove was moved to this building in 1937, where it is located at the east end of Stack 12.

The collection contains works on a broad spectrum of art-related topics, including painting, sculpture, architecture, design, antiques, and gardens. Notable items include first editions of Max Beerbohm's Rossetti and His Circle, Eugene Delacroix's Journal, and Franz Manzereel's Mein Stundenbuch.

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