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Conversation: Angela P. Dodson and Brooke Kroeger, Remember the Ladies, and Don't Forget the Gentlemen

Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 6:30 PM | Open to the Public | Members' Room | $15 per person | Advance registration required

This unique event brings together two cutting-edge historians on the era of women’s suffrage. 2017 begins the centennial celebrations of women first winning the right to vote, culminating in national suffrage three years later.

Angela P. Dodson’s Remember the Ladies: Celebrating Those Who Fought for Freedom at the Ballot Box (Center Street, May 2017) documents the fight for women’s right to vote, drawing on historic research, biographies of leaders, and primary sources from books to buttons. 

Brooke Kroeger’s The Suffragents: How Women Used Men to Get the Vote (State University of New York Press, September 2017) is the untold story of the Men’s League for Woman Suffrage, which grew between 1909 and 1917 into a force of thousands across thirty-five states.