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Conversation Series: The Art and Activism of the Anthropocene

Climate change is already happening. Around the world, scientists, artists, and activists are addressing it in media from nonfiction books to documentary films to live theater. This series brings together writers, journalists, and artists in robust discussion on how they address climate change - and why their work is important in the Anthropocene Era. 

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Don't Shoot the Messenger: The Challenging Narratives of Climate Change

with William T. Vollmann, Chantal Bilodeau, and David Wallace-Wells

These panelists approach climate-change dialogues through different mediums - book-length and magazine journalism, and through theater. They'll discuss their approach to gathering stories, their thoughts on why these stories matter, and the challenges they've faced when shaping issues of climate change into digestible narratives for the public.

Strange Reality: The Art and Activism of Transitional Environments

with Jeff VanderMeer, Zaria Forman, and Gleb Raygorodetsky

Jeff VanderMeer, author of the Southern Reach trilogy, speaks with visual artist Zaria Forman and conservation biologist Gleb Raygorodetsky about "transitional environments" - regions of land undergoing change so dramatic they're barely recognizable. They discuss how art and activism can bring greater awareness to the communities and environs most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Imagining the Impossible: The Role of Art and Novels in Understanding Climate Change

with Amitav Ghosh, Helen Phillips, and Nathan Kensinger

Authors Amitav Ghosh and Helen Phillips talks with photographer and filmmaker Nathan Kensinger about the role novelists and artists play in helping others to better imagine the effects of climate change.

This free, public series was co-produced by the Library and Guernica Magazine, with additional support from Orion Magazine.

Sidebar: An image from Chantal Bilodeau's play Sila