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Everything Old Is New Again: Classic Tales Reimagined with Kalynn Bayron, David Bowles, & Sayantani DasGupta

Saturday, December 2, 2023 - 3:00 PM | Members' Room | Open to the public | For grades 6+ | Free of charge | Registration required

Calling all fans of Hamilton and Bridgerton! From late 19th century queer besotted Black students to debating Desi highschoolers and Regency reenactors to an Aztec warrior fighting for his life & homeland, these teen characters are plucked from the classics but rewritten in a way that opens doors previously shut.

This is not your grandfather’s Jekyll and Hyde, nor even your great aunt's favorite new PBS drama. These writers have been inspired by classic stories, from an Aztec legend to Jane Austen, from Shakespeare to Stevenson, and have reinterpreted their vintage tales through a modern lens. Come celebrate this new age of old with us!

Find out more about the authors: Kalynn Bayron, David Bowles, & Sayantani DasGupta

This event is generously supported by the Richard Peck Fund.

To register, email ya@nysoclib.org.