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Young Writers' Workshop: Poetry Café with Dave Johnson

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 - 5:00 PM | For members and guests | For grades 3-12 | $15 per poet | Registration required

Explore contemporary poetry with Dave Johnson as you learn how writers turn their ideas into poems, gain the inspiration and knowledge to craft your own poetry, and share your writing with others. Snacks will be provided!

Dave Johnson is the author of Dead Heat, Marble Shoot, and Baptized To The Bone, and the translator for the New York stage productions of the international best sellers Gomorrah and Super Santos. A poet, playwright, actor, translator, and art historian, his present work centers on women artists of the Italian Renaissance. Johnson is a longtime judge for the NYSL Young Writers Awards competition.

This event is generously supported by the Richard Peck Fund.

To register, email children@nysoclib.org.