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Donate Books

Over the years, book donations from Library members have helped us to build an outstanding and unique collection. The Library continues to appreciate the generosity of its members, but evaluating, storing, and processing book donations can be costly in terms of staff time and places a burden on our limited shelf space. For these reasons, we ask that you please assess your potential donation with these guidelines in mind:

  1. Hardcover and trade paperback books only; no mass market paperbacks.
  2. Books must be in good condition, with no underlining or marginalia. Bindings and paper should be able to withstand years of reading and shelving.
  3. Audio books must be unabridged and on compact disc.
  4. We will only accept science and medical books that are current (published within the last three years), or of potential historical value .
  5. No textbooks, business or management titles, self-help titles, or paperback travel guides.
  6. The Library is always interested in collections of rare books, and exceptions to the above conditions would be considered for signed copies, first editions, and books of noteworthy provenance.

When possible, please provide the Library with a list of books you wish to donate. Basic bibliographic information is all that is needed: author, title, date of publication. The Library becomes the owner of the books, and will use the material as it deems appropriate. Books will either be added to the collection or sold in our book sale. Gift acknowledgments will be provided at donor's request, but the Library cannot assign a monetary value to book donations. 

If you have a large collection that meets the above guidelines, please contact the Head of Acquisitions Steven McGuirl or Head Librarian Carolyn Waters to arrange a site visit to assess the collection. If you have children's books you would like to donate, please contact the Children's Library.