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Boo to You: Halloween at the Library, 2019

Thursday, October 31, 2019

It's that time of year again where we dress up alongside some finds from the stacks. 

It's been a tough couple of centuries for Head of Events Sara Holliday, bringing the Industrial Revolution to the Library for Halloween. 

Straight from's Tweedle-Dee! (Events Assistant Katie Fricas. Tweedle-Dum was like "no paparazzi.")

We plugged him in and got him a technology book from 1987, but somehow (System Assistant) Joe Russo's costume is still lost in cyberspace.

Spider-Man AND Spider-Gwen are in the Reference Room...we're all gonna be OK. (Secret identity: Circulation Assistant Stephanie Merchant.)

We've found THE GREAT PUMPKIN (aka Children's Library Assistant Hanna Brownlee-Holbrook)! 

Page Kate Marcus is properly bringing only closed containers of bad blood into the Library. 

Events Assistant Marialuisa Monda is channeling the witch-goddess Circe - watch out, sailors! Stream our past events with Emily Wilson on her translation of Homer's Odyssey and Madeline Miller on her novel Circe!

Children's/YA Librarian Susan Vincent Molinaro was busy setting up for trick-or-treaters...but found time to enjoy a classic horror story. (Did we mention that Washington Irving was a Library member?)

Neigh if you love unicorns! Head of the Children's Library Randi Levy with all the magic and a favorite picture book

Our friend the Witchy Panda visited again this year to host trick-or-treating in the lobby.

And last but very much not least: we finally captured footage of that ghost we've always suspected lived in the stacks.



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