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The real Rocket and his owner/author, Tad Hills, visited the Library in 2014
The real Rocket and his owner/author, Tad Hills, visited the Library in 2014

Dogs of the Library, Part Deux

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Since our inaugural Dogs of the Library post, we’ve been thrilled to find that our members’ dogs are as avid readers as our members themselves. We’ve received some lovely submissions of our canine patrons and are excited to highlight them here.

Piper Winchester and Travels with Charley

Robert and Pat Winchester’s Piper has been a member since puppyhood and is now ten! Because of the pandemic, she has enjoyed being able to travel literarily around the USA with a fellow standard poodle and Mr. Steinbeck in Travels with Charley. Piper is the 4th generation of Winchester family poodles who all enjoyed visiting this most wonderful library for treats and pets from the circulation desk.

Setareh Wagner and Teach Your Dog to Read

Setareh, a teenaged Afghan hound, volunteers with A Fair Shake for Youth’s reading program. A student spends forty minutes with a tutor, then reads to Setareh for twenty to thirty minutes. Since she doesn’t choose the books, she has decided to learn to read herself. Setareh loves stopping by the library with Gail Wagner on their way home from Central Park. Gail’s problem is convincing Setareh to leave the library!

Emily Laubach and Rumpelstiltskin's Rules for Making Your Farthings Grow

Emily is a quiet but enthusiastic reader. At the moment, she’s paging through her owner Susan Laubach’s Rumpelstiltskin's Rules for Making Your Farthings Grow. She’s been saving her allowance but doesn’t have much money to invest yet, so for now she’s most interested in the pictures.

What does your dog read? Send us a photo and a title, and your pup could be featured in the next edition of “Dogs of the Library.” And as always, canine visitors are welcome in the circulation area, where they can grab a snack and peruse our shelves for their next book!

In the sidebar: How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills

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