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Ducks and Delight in the Wonderful World of Robert Quackenbush

Monday, March 6, 2023

We were delighted to open our new exhibition, Quack! Quack! The Wonderful World of Robert Quackenbush, with an informal reception on the first of March. This exhibition introduces visitors to world of characters and clues created by beloved children's author and illustrator Robert Quackenbush, with insight into his creativity and artistic process.

The exhibition is open to the public during the Library's open hours through the end of 2023 - more details here.

Photos from the opening are by Karen Smul.

Exhibition cases show books, original art, and images from the personal history of the author.

Robert Quackenbush's family helped remember him at the opening.

Kids and grownups were inspired to make their own creations alongside those by Robert Quackenbush.

Margery Quackenbush, the author's wife, spoke about his work and mentioned that several of his books are currently being reissued, including Flamenco to Mischief.

Along with his books, Quackenbush's self-portraits and family portraits are also on display.

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