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Please Support Our Spring Appeal

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Dear Friends and Members of the New York Society Library:

Whenever I’m asked what makes the New York Society Library so special, I find it very hard to answer. Where do I start? There’s our unique book collection, of course, our stellar staff, our excellent programming, and our historic building. And all of these things are what you support when you give to the Spring Appeal.

Our collection of over 300,000 print volumes and roster of electronic resources offer endless opportunities for discovery, and the open stacks provide an increasingly rare opportunity to explore a treasure trove of new and out-of-print works.

Our dedicated staff is here to greet you, identify that title you can’t quite remember, recommend your next favorite book, and foster a sense of community that is so rare in our large, bustling city.

Our wonderful Children’s Library and its librarians welcome our youngest members and inspire them towards a lifelong love of reading.

Our home is a designated landmark that serves as both a refuge for quiet study and contemplation, and a vibrant stage for lectures, exhibitions, and literary discussion.

We need your support because membership fees cover only a quarter of our operational expenses. Donations allow us to add to our print and electronic collections, retain our exceptional staff, and maintain our beloved building.

Your generosity will have a direct impact on the entire Library community, helping to sustain our commitment to readers, writers, and families. Please make a gift today.

Thank you for your support of the Library.

Carolyn Waters
Head Librarian



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